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          ◆產品符合國標:GB/T 19001-2008,通過歐盟CE認證和中國***消防電子產品認證。
          Technical Features
          The screw is made of high quality steel, strong thrusting, stable running. Especially suitable for various large movable louvers, top-hinged window, bottom-hinged window, sloping roof window and heavy window. Commonly used in smoke exhaust and ventilation.
          Designed life: more than 30000 times push-pull cycles.
          Inner screw electric window actuator, super seal ability.
          Overload protection circuits built-in, linkage of multi-machines.
          Protection class: IP65.
          The stroke can be customized according to customer requirements.
          In conformity with GB/T 19001-2008, passed the CE &CCCF certification.

          技術參數/Technical Date


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